News Flash - R1 Read/Write Speed

Started Jun 8, 2006 | Discussions thread
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I've SOLVED it:

I knew that there was something wrong with your numbers...

The 18Mbps you quote for Sandisk are not correct, it is 18 MB/sec, which makes a world of difference. Translate that to Mbps and you get around 144Mbps.

The Sony High-Speed and Sandisk Ultra II are limited to 80 Mbps, which equals around 10 MB/sec.

You should also take into account that although the R1 is clearly limited in write speed, you can actually gain significant READ speed improvement when transferring the files to your pc: use a Sandisk Extreme III stick with the Sandisk ImageMate Card Reader: both support the ESP technology (by Sandisk of course) and significantly boost transfer speed.

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