New D50 - 1 G Ultra II - 551 Pix?

Started Jun 8, 2006 | Discussions thread
terrydk Junior Member • Posts: 28
Re: New D50 - 1 G Ultra II - 551 Pix?

The 551 is about right for the 1gb Ultra II with the camera set at JPEG 'Normal' or 1:8 compression, I believe this is the camera default. If you change the setting to JPEG 'fine' the available exposures drops to 280 -285 or 1:4 compression, see page 31 of your users manual for more details.

osfan wrote:

My D50 just came in the mail and I can't wait to get started with
digital photography. I put a new SanDisk Ultra II 1.0 GB card in
and the camera is telling me I have 551 remaining exposures. Is
this correct or do I have something wrong? The card's package says
the card should hold about half this number of pictures. I have
read on here that these cards hold more than what the package says,
but double?


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