Test results on bounced Metz flash in A mode

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Re: Update results

Didn't both of you heard what *isteve said in his sig? He said that "measurbating" makes you short-sighted. It is a good thing I don't own a flash meter or else my eyesight would exceed the range of the built in diopter adjustment of the DS's viewfinder. LOL.

wlachan wrote:

JensR wrote:

Have you tried your flash in TTL mode with the 3701 M2?

This is just a minor update of the TTL flash result. I have tested
both 372 & 3701M2 shoe in TTL flash mode at ISO400/800 bounce flash
with 40MZ-2. Both shoe produce identical exposure. So the strange
exposure issue associated with 3701M2 shoe affects 'A' flash mode
Alan Chan

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