Ultra hi-speed CF > 80x are faster with A2?

Started Jun 3, 2006 | Discussions thread
William Robinson Regular Member • Posts: 277
Re: Ultra hi-speed CF > 80x are faster with A2?

I think the 120x cards will show their worth in the traransfer to computer speeds. In the camera, they may work no faster than the 80x. It's really all about the speed at which the A2 (or A1, or any camra for that matter) can write to CF.

I've been using San Disk Ultra IIs (1G and 2G), and the latest A2 firmware; the results are a vast improvement over the older cards I tried at first. But I don't think I've ever actually read the top speed the camera can write at. Does anyone know?

I'm sure it's a factor of JPEG vs RAW and the settings for the particular image. RAW will write faster, even though the files are larger, since no compression or adjustments are being made in camera.The "processing" time is greater, but if you set up your workflow properly, it's actually faster than individual JPEG tweaking.

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