Thank You Kodakians, One and All

Started Jun 2, 2006 | Discussions thread
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Re: Thank You Kodakians, One and All

I dont need to tell anyone on this forum that we have been like a close family for a long time, this has to be the best run forums I have been involved with for the few years I have been on the internet.

I was thrilled to see so many of our members here stick together in an effort to get one of our favourite Sons back, I cant think of many forums where members would go to the trouble of what was done here by the membership.

Part of this I believe is due to the fact that people here give and take, the other part is that Phil had the forsight to make sure rude/crude language was stopped on his forum, I know what our Favourite Son said was not a filthy word, I could never imagine him swearing on this forum.

I do think a lesson has been learned here, I would suggest people do not swear, even in the mildest form or describe the anatomy of a persons private parts on this forum.

On closing it is nice to have you back Fred, also Phil if you read this thread Thank You for your kindness and consideration.

God Bless

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