EC 14 owners: Amount of movment?

Started Jun 3, 2006 | Discussions thread
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EC 14 owners: Amount of movment?

I'm going thru images I took yesterday of chatfinches on branches, at ISO 400, 50-200 and 1.4 convertor. I'm very disapointed in the lack of 'clarity' amoung the feather details.

So I'm looking at my 50-200 and EC14 combo. They are very 'jiggly' on the camera body.

Exploring further, the 50-200 is sat firmly in the convertor.. it's the convertor that 'wobbles' about in the mount.

Not only is there 'slack' in the locating pin/hole which allows a bit of movment around the lens mount (This doesn't matter does it? as then lens & mount are round and a bit of 'play' is acceptable. No, my convertor can wobble abut in the mount. i.e. the flange distance on the convertors mount is too far away or too thin. Hence, it the filter ring at the end of a un-zoomed out 50-200 can move about approx. 3mm

I've just took the t'convertor off and the 50-200 is sat firmly in the mount with no wobbles. I can make it move about in the mount if I am a bit heavy handed on the tripod bracket. Otherwise, I'd say it's fine and within their standards. i.e no worries! But the EC 14 is something else!

Does anyone elses TC1.4 act like this?

I'm thinking if they designers put so much effort into getting lens elements alinged correctly, etc. Why the xxxx add a tc if it only throws all those fine tolerances to xxxx?

Y'see, I haven' exactly run any 'tests' with the convertor. My using it is my 'testing'.. and all the fluffed, not clear, out of focus, blurred, indistinct images I get I put down to 'newbie' me and it being 560mm @ F5 and sunny Arizona this isn't! [put a bird in 'not too good light' and use a high ISO and you do see indistinctness]

Yet, I've got shots of whiteswans or ducks in good light using a high shutter speed and they're fine!

I expected a image quality hit using the t convertor but... I'll post some crops later.

Does anyone elses EC14 act like mine?

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