The 50mm/1.8 Strikes Again

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Re: The 50mm/1.8 Strikes Again

Also, I have my camera set to auto, not AF-S or AF-C....but I'll be
setting it to AF-S tonight!

Well, to take sharp pictures there are only two factors come along: focus and shake (and aperture).

To make shure you have focus right, use AF-S and choose your focus point (1 out of 5). For portraits, generally focus on eyes. You can half press the shutter while pointing focus point on the eye, then when AF locks you can recompose the picture and take the shot.

Rule of thumb says you should use 1/80 to eliminate shake. With 1/200 you would be VERY safe. With 1/500 or 1/1000 you probably can't introduce any shake even if you want to. But as you can see, I've taken a sharp shot with 1/60 shutter speed, so it depends on your technique too.

Usually, lens is the sharpest the more you close the aperture. That means, with aperture f/8-f/16 it's the sharpest. But 50/1.8 is relatively sharp wide open and even sharper a little closed. Sharper than most of the mid-priced zooms.

Post the pictures so we can pinpoint the problem, it may be the issue with lens or camera back- or front- focusing. It's not always the problem with the lens.

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