AC conector for Minolta A2

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Good info David!!........

David-P wrote:

Sometimes people dont look in the archives either!

In thread:

on 26 June 2005, I wrote:

I bought a Radio Shack ac adaptor 273-1696. It is specifically for
digital cameras, has an adjustable voitage output: 3, 5, 6, 6.5, 7,
7.5 volts, will supply 2 amps, has a filter mounted round the cable
and interchangable output plugs.

I set it to 6 volts and have had no trouble wiith it. Price was
about $20. But they are always brigning out new models. Best to
check in your local Rs store.


I think the operative phrase here is "specifically for digital cameras".. I have a multi-voltage adapter, but none of the tips will fit, so care should be taken when purchasing! Since you supplied the part number, it should be easy though..

As far as my post goes, it was a bad day and perhaps I was a bit rough! Apologies to any who took offense..
Cheers! Robert..

'Sometimes it's the Medicine itself that Makes the Pain' - Del Amitri

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