Test results on bounced Metz flash in A mode

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Re: Test results on bounced Metz flash in A mode

JensR wrote:

Have you tried your flash in TTL mode with the 3701 M2?

I did test TTL at iso400 & 800 too when I conduct the 'A' tests. Those particular results were identical to yours too, perfect for iso400 from f1.8 to f22, but 1EV over for iso800. That was based on the actual pictures, not just the L308s readings. In fact, the histograms of iso800 shots were not blown yet, though very close, but all pictures are completely useless because the highlight are so bright no amount of PS could save it. iso400 shots however, even with a big gap toward the righthand side of the histogram, all shots are well exposed and perfectly fine. So much for the advise of exposing toward the right. But I am not ready to draw my conclusion yet as it is still not very concistent based on my experience. Time will tell.
Alan Chan

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