Test results on bounced Metz flash in A mode

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Re: Test results on bounced Metz flash in A mode

Hi Alan!

I found your results hard to believe, I have to admit. So I tested my Metz 40MZ3 in Auto (3701M2 and 301) and TTL (3701M2) on my DS @ ISO 800.

1.5m away from wall, flash at 1.8m height bounced on 2.5m ceiling at about 60°. Reflector set to 50mm eq. focal length. Sigma 18-125 at around 45mm, starting at f4.5 , stopping down with each shot.


The Auto images with the 3701 were okayish until f/8 - they got darker from f/stop to f-stop, but were useable. The f/11 and f/16 shots were totally blown out, twice, no error on my part, I am quite sure. The 301 did not show this problem.

So, I tested my 3701 in TTL mode. As it should be. Really. I am sure your flashmeter would show a deviation, but the white seems identical from shot to shot and exposure seemed exactly 1 stop too bright - TTl only works at 200 and 400 ISO, ISO 800 gives one stop over. So I switched to ISO 400 and now TTL was really perfect. I know this won't help the high-ISO flashers, just adding some info to the Metz database of wonders

Have you tried your flash in TTL mode with the 3701 M2?


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