Use of UV filters

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Re: Your browser, maybe

Well, I've never been to a rodeo as we don't have many in the UK but I've shot motorcrossers and scrambers (an oval cinder track, bikes with no brakes, the bikes just go sideways shooting cinders into the crowd) without filters.

I've done a fair few gigs but not in any mosh pit. I would be especially reluctant to use filters at gigs because that's a prime example of a situration where I'd most expect to find unwanted reflections appearing.

Generally I find if there's enough shrapnel around to make me think I might need a filter then it would also make my face hurt enough to turn around and point the other way.

Same with sand. I mean, what are you going to be able to shoot in a sand storm? I'd be more worried about grit getting into places it didn't ought to be than damaging the front element of my lens.

So there you go, I don't like filters and I don't use them. If you feel the need, as many people obviously do or they wouldn't make so many, then go ahead and fill your boots. I won't stop you.


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