P-TTL Adaptor from Metz cancelled for now! Official message.

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Re: TTL On the DS is Inconsistent

Harri R'is'nen wrote:

Greg, please tell us how do you get AF-360FGZ to use TTL with *ist D?

Only possibility I know is to use K- or M-series lenses. If you
attach F-, FA- or later lens, flash stays at P-TTL-mode what ever
you do.....


To get the flash to work in TTL mode, put the camera in manual, set the shutter speed to an approriate setting (e.g., 1/150), and the set the aperture ring on the lens barrel to an appropriate non-A aperture (e.g., f5.6). When you do this, the flash will still show that it is in P-TTL mode, but it is now operating as a TTL flash in spite of what it says on the flash's display panel (confusing but true...).

If you forget to put the camera in manual, the flash will still work as a TTL flash, but the lens will always be wide open no matter what f-stop you select on the lens barrel (also confusing...).

Also, as I mentioned in my earlier post, I had to do a bit of experimentation to figure out how much exposure compenstion to set on the camera body for a given f-stop (the flash's exposure compensation doesn't work in TTL mode), but after that minor annoyance, the flash works pretty much as a TTL flash is supposed to. You may have to do the same for your camera/lens/aperture combination. As to why I have to change the exposure compensation for F-type lenses but not for my A-series lenses (perhaps this is unique to my camera, I don't have any others to test), I'm not really sure; however, I'm just glad this works.

I hope this helps. Also, I need to thank Jens for first mentioning this idea to me.


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