What's with this Kodak revival?

Started May 30, 2006 | Discussions thread
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Kev T Regular Member • Posts: 439
What's with this Kodak revival?

As recent as 2 months ago, long time members from this Kodak SLR forum were posting messages of selling off their 14ns & SLR/x bodies for Canon 5Ds or Nikon D200s... We were seeing images posted here from both aforementioned cameras more often than Kodak SLR images.

Then Rob Galbraigth's forum went away, and we were glad to welcome back a few old members...

Since the past few weeks, i'm seeing a sudden up-surge of people who are buying used SLR/c and 14n or 14/nx and promptly joining up here... and still more asking for used Kodak bodies here...

Am i missing something? Were there recent favorable reviews of the the Kodak SLR/n & c that I'm not aware of?

Don't get me wrong, I certainly glad for the increased membership to what is beyond doubt the best and most civil photographic forum i've ever had the pleasure of being part of, and I'd like to take a second to welcome aboard collectively all you new members.

It'll be nice to hear from you guys how each of you made your decisions to buy Kodak?

Finally, much as I've always replied negatively to all who've posted meassages here appealling to Kodak for their re-involvement into the pro DSLR market... I think this is as good as any time for Kodak to be paying attention to what has been happening here this last few days...


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