Sigma 18-50 EX DC, not too shabby at all.

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Sigma 18-50 EX DC, not too shabby at all.

I'm still playing with this tiny little new lens i just got, haven't got a chance to test it outdoor yet, but so far it's pretty good for indoor portraiture, I decided to let my 2 1/2yr daughter to the modeling, she was moving constantly and if you have kids I'm sure you know how hard is it to make them sit still, so she's an ideal subject to test for AF speed and accuracy of this little lens. DOF was very shallow at F4.0, since she kept moving around I didn't even botther to try F2.8, so I settle on using mostly F5.6, looking at the MTF chart I believe F5.6 is pretty much the peak sharpness of this lens across the entire Focal Range, and it's sufficient enough to keep her face in focus.

So far the result I get from this Sigma 18-50 EX is promising, color and contrast is very good, slightly more yellow cast than canon lenses but not a big deal, this is a good copy and the AF speed is a bit faster than my 50 1.4, especially when zooming from 1ft close up to 20ft away, it doesn't hunt in low light, and it required very little contrast to lock on target, and most of is DIRT CHEAP comparing to the 17-55 2.8 IS. My primary walkaround lens for portraiture is 70-200 2.8L IS, for low light I use 50 1.4. Since I don't do any lanscape or seascape, I think the wide end coverage from the Sigma is good nough for group shot in rare occation, which is about once every couple months with few family members on birthday party or whatnot. Eventhough I still have the itch to return this little lens in exchange for the 17-55 2.8 IS, for now I think I'll just keep it for a little longer and see what happen, be it the Sigma 18-50 or Canon 17-55, in the future neither lens will see much action except in rare occation, but this $410 Sigma lens is a dang good value for sure.

All these shots were indoor:
lens hood on
Canon 30D in AV mode
Center focus point
spot metering
580EX with difuser bounce to the ceiling
flash compensation set to +1 and locked sync to 1/250

ZERO post processing, only had to adjust the color temperature in DPP from Auto to 5100K before I converted the RAW to JPG, left the DPP picture style in Standard, the sharpness, color, and contrast are so darn good I didn't feel the need to touch any settings! these are 50% resized:

for original full size please see gallery:

Critiques, and Comments are welcome

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