D200 how to avoid over-exposure ?

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Re: Spot meter on highlights

tnielsen wrote:

It really isn't that difficult avoiding blown highlights. On the
D200 highlights blow around 2.7 EV-steps above neutral (18% gray).

What do you mean with neutral (18% gray), where does the 18 % come from ?

So what I would do is putting the camera in spot meter mode and
dial in an exposure compensation of +2.7. All you have to do now is
identifying the brightest part of the image (which you want to put
exactly below the point of blowing) and measure light from this

Thats easy and clear, going to try this one.

Notice that this only holds for ISO settings between 100 and 400.
Above that you will have to compensate less

Why is that ?

A completely different question is whether blown highlights
necessarily spoil a picture

Not always indeed.

best regards

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