"Star" dust in my new 17-55mm lens!!!

Started May 26, 2006 | Discussions thread
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paperorplastic Senior Member • Posts: 1,498
"Star" dust in my new 17-55mm lens!!!

I just received my 17-55mm lens from B&H Photo.
Everything looks great except in the lens, and by this
I mean actually embedded in/trapped in the glass,
there are maybe 10-15 micro specks of "star" dust.

It looks like it could be micro glass shavings or something,
although not filaments, just little specs of sparkly, microscopic dust.

They are under the surface of the glass and can be seen because they are on the outer

rim portion of the glass, with the black ring underneath them, so in other words they are
not actually near the center of the glass, in front of the focus area.

Is this common on your 17-55mm? Should I return it? I don't think it will effect focusing, but

I am a little concerned that they will get dislodged from the shelf/ring they sit on on the outside inner glass,
and move to the center of the glass and then pose a problem.

Thanks for any replies, and I hope I've described it in a way you understand what I mean.

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