D200 how to avoid over-exposure ?

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Re: D200 how to avoid over-exposure ?

talmy wrote:

You are right that the histogram applies to the JPEG and not to the
NEF. But they are usually close.

Glad somebody else noticed this too. The histograms are usually close if the dynamic range was limited enough. I have cases where there is a 2 stop difference between the camera histogram and the NC histogram. NC can reveal upto 2 extra stops if the exposure is reduced by 2EV.

This makes the camera histogram somewhat unreliable because it could tempt you in underexposing to much.

I meter the highlights using spot
metering, and I still check the histograms.

You can also bracket the exposures (easy to do on the D200) and
select the best later, or merge two or more images in Photoshop if
you are using a tripod.

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