3 Weeks with the F30 (20 pics F30)

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3 Weeks with the F30 (20 pics F30)

I had the opportunity to use a SAMPLE F30 a short while ago. I'm so pleased to tell you that I had enjoyed every moment it's in my hand, though it's also a bit painful cause I couldn't share with you any photos until today … Anyway, I'm truly grateful to Fuji Photo Products (of Hong Kong) for their interest in my works.

Before I show you some pictures, may I repeat what I said to Fuji. First, I'm afraid I'm not a 'professional' who can produce appealing pics as an assignment with a deadline. Second, I lack the technical knowledge in digital cameras to produce any professional camera review. So all I could do and had actually been enjoying to do was to try to capture the moments that my eyes saw "something" and my heart felt it too during this 3 weeks time …

Out of the hundreds of photos taken, I have selected more than 50 as the first batch. All were processed using my simple and primitive PP workflow that you are familiar with. They were grouped into three parts according to the ISO used for your easy reference. Just hope my uninteresting snapshots won't affect your judgement upon the F30.

Part One – ISO 100 & 200

1. Afternoon tea @ F3.2, 1/20s, ISO 100, EV -1/3

2. Causeway Bay Shelter @ F3.6, 1/1.3s, ISO 100, EV -1

3. Two couples / floor reflections (turn upside down if you don’t get it) @ F5, 1/100s, ISO 100, EV -1/3

4. Rear window @ F2.8, 3s, ISO 100, EV -1/3

5. “Take your time …” @ F3.6, 1/150s, ISO 200, EV -1/3

6. Wellington Street by night @ F5, 1/38s, ISO 200, EV -1/3

7. Clouds @ F5, 1/210s, ISO 100, EV -1

8. Clouds @ F5.6, 1/120s, ISO 100, EV -1

9. Clouds @ F5.6, 1/90s, ISO 100, EV -2/3

10. Waiting @ F4, 1/28s, ISO 100, EV -1/3

11. Luch hour shopping @ F3.6, 1/170s, ISO 100, EV -1/3

12. Convention & Exhibition Centre @ F3.6, 1/45s, ISO 200, EV -1/3

13. HK University @ F3.6, 1/170s, ISO 100, EV -1

14. Window reflections @ F5, 1/200s, ISO 200, EV -1/3

15. “Still tied to …” @ F3.4, 1/75s, ISO 100, EV -1

16. “… an old memory” @ F3.2, 1/70s, ISO 100, EV -2/3

17. “Peace …” @ F4.5, 1/25s, ISO 100, EV -2/3 (with flash)

18. Before night falls @ F3.6, 1/3s, ISO 100, EV -1

19. A wonderful night @ F6.4, 1.3s, ISO 100, EV -2

20. A wonderful city @ F4.5, 1.3s, ISO 100, EV -2

To be continued …

Best regards,

‘Photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on earth which can make them come back again.’
Henri Cartier Bresson


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