***Challenge108 Light Focal Point**

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***Challenge108 Light Focal Point**

Challenge 108 LIGHTING the FOCAL POINT**
Wot we mean is

You have to have a focal point in your picy that has the lighting as a noticeable feature**

So when viewed the viewer will have no doubts what the focal point is & the viewer will also see lighting that is noticeably enhancing the focal point over what general lighting would do.

So sunsets with a focal point that is lit from the setting sun.
Backlit translucent focal points etc.
Side lit focal points etc.
Side lit showing texture etc.

Lit from anywhere as long as the light looks or enhances better than what we call normal. You know wot I mean:-)
Etc, etc,etc:-)

Landscapes don't normally have a focal point but if the sun is illuminating a field of grass or flowers then the grass or flowers become a focal point over the general landscape.

This is really quite wide open BUT you will need to think of TWO things. A focal point & the nicer than normal lighting.

Link to Gallery: I think this is where I put it:-) http://www.pbase.com/ctfchallenge/c108_lighting_the_focal_point

The Official Rules and Guidelines:

Eligible gallery is for photos taken with a Canon digital camera
during the time frame noted below.

Exhibition gallery is for photos taken with any camera at any time.

Only 3 pictures of yours can be posted, per gallery (Eligible and
Exhibition). A total of 6 images posted per challenge

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Challenge Begins: Now
Challenge Ends: Monday, 5th, June 2006 at 23:59:59 GMT

http://www.timeanddate.com/ ...

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Voting Begins: Tuesday, 6th, June 2006 at 00:00:00 GMT / Midnight

http://www.timeanddate.com/ ...

Voting Ends: Wednesday, June 8th, 2006 at 23:59:59 GMT

http://www.timeanddate.com/ ...

-- -- --

That's 12 days (2 weekends) for shooting and 2 days for voting.

If you are new and do not know the user id and password, please
send an email to ctf2006(-at-)phototechnic.com . Please replace
(-at-) with @ in the email address before you send it out. One of
the challenge administrators will contact you with that
information, but please be patient.

Complete list of Challenge Official Rules & Guidelines can be found at


If you are new to the Challenges, please add a self portrait to our
Rogue's Gallery. http://www.pbase.com/ctfchallenge/z_rogues_gallery


You can always chat with us at http://www.zirc.org/chat
Channel: #ctfchallenge

The voting booth can be at http://www.liteserv.com/ctfvotebooth
Regards Rod

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