17-55 or 24-105?

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Anthony de Vries Veteran Member • Posts: 3,789
Re: Switching lenses ..

gullevek wrote:

I also have the 10-22 and the 17-85 and recently got the 24-105.
The Quality of the pictures from the 24-105 is so stunning amazing
mind blowing great that I really really really do not care if I
miss out the 17-23 range on the wide end. Really.

If I got for a longer walk I have my bag with the 10-22 with me. I
change from time to time, but mostly because I use something in the
10-17 range anyway.

I really do not miss the 17mm because I get so much better pictures
with the rest.

Suppose you could get a lens that's easily as good as the 24-105, and does give you the 17mm? Wouldn't that be just incredible?

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