17-55 or 24-105?

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Re: It is a hard decision...

SchnellerGT wrote:

I have a 24-105. Along with a EFS 10-22 and Tamron 28-75.

The 24-105 is the best lens I own. Best colors, best saturation,
best build, best AF. I mean it's lightning-quick and silent. It has
great reach.

But I have been impressed by 75% of what I've seen come out of the
17-55. It seems to have unparalleled sharpness. I have indeed gone
so far as to think about selling my 24-105 for it. But then I ask
myself, do I really think Full-Frame is going to be out of my reach
when I want to buy my next body in about 12 months? For some
reason, my gut tells me no. Technology progresses, things get
cheaper to make, and I truly believe FF will cost only $500 more
than what I paid for my EOS-20D in November 2004. And then I ask
myself, am I nutz to even consider trading an L for a non-L EFS???
It just sounds insane.

That's very similar to my analysis. Even though the 17-55 is an attractive lens (much more tempting than the 17-85), I can't see myself selling/trading my 24-105 or 17-40 for it. I'm betting that a more affordable FF (more affordable than the 5D, that is) will be introduced within the next year or so, and then the 24-105 will really come into its own, and the 17-40 will supplement it as an extreme wide-angle. Or I may just buy a 5D if they keep dropping the price and offering rebates. Wish it had an on-camera flash, though...


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