Micron to Unveil 8-Megapixel Image Chip

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Re: Thanks also and Q

DJL1 wrote:

From my relatively uninformed position, I thought Canon was the
leader in photogrphic CMOS sensors (especially low noise). Dr.
Fossum do you think Sony or Samsung could overstake Canon in the
high performance DSLR category?

I can only comment on the sensors, really. And yes, I think Sony, Samsung or Micron could easily produce sensors that performed as well or better than Canon's. The problem is that even if Samsung, say, was successful, would the leverage obtained in the DSLR market be worth the sensor development cost? For Micron, it is harder to make the case because there is only so much they can charge per sensor. (And this is even worse for Foveon being fabless and someone else taking a slice of the revenue).

Seems to me that Sony has looked at this and decided that yes, it is worth the sensor development cost and they are heading in this direction.

Some industry observers have said that wide-spread adoption of
"full frame" sensors are inevitable due to better imaging
performance. Given that I would prefer using cropped sensors due
to the lower weight of the camera body and lenses, I hope they are
wrong and that the noise and other image issues of cropped sensors
can be overcome with better technology. What do you think?

It is hard to beat big pixels and big lenses when it comes to imaging performance. I guess you are worried that the more compact DSLRs will disappear over time. I am clueless but it sure will be interesting to watch the market develop over time.

My only comment to Ron's comment is that reticule sizes are growing as part of the memory chip roadmap and stepping a full frame image may already be feasible...I am not sure.


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