6MP versus 12MP - EOS 5D vs. S3pro (my comparision pics)

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6MP versus 12MP - EOS 5D vs. S3pro (my comparision pics)

Ok, this is the first series of comparision pics I have started to make, mainly to become clear about the ever ongoing MP debate - is the S3 like 6 or 12MP or in between like 8,3859MP?

Subject of this first test was only resolution, not DR, noise or color, nevertheless I tried to match both version in terms of color and brightness. But I will take care of the colors another time.

It is not so easy to compare a crop camera with an FF because of the different field of view - you can therefore always change focal lenght or standpoint (perspective) to match the field of view.

Remark: I sharpened both files in order to extract as much detail as possible without destroying the pics.

1. First case - same field of view (approximatively), different prime lenses: Canon with 50mm F1,8 (a cheap lens with very good sharpness but vigenetting when wide open),

Fuji with Nikkor 35mm 2,8, also a very sharp lens, maybe a small tad less razor sharp than a 50mm lens. On the other hand, 35mm on a Fuji DSLR is more like 53-54mm field of view, therefore the Fuji pics have slightly more magnification which means a certain advantage.

Photo is a boring scene, shot off my balcony, cameras on a tripod.

I arranged the 100% photos side by side in photoshop, I guess the impression is adequate.

First an overview:

Unfortunately I have not found out how to draw colored frames in photoshop to show the crops i nthe overview (I always get colored fillings in my frames, which one is the right tool?):

Now crop one: No indication which is which, but should be clear, if not it is not worth while showing...

Crop 2:

You will note in all crops how the Fuji/Nikkor shows details slightly larger because of the mentioned focal length difference.

Crop 3 is a special one, but look first which is better in your eyes:

Ok here is why it is special: The Fuji is captured normally in RAW and converted to 12MP. The Canon however is captured in RAW, then converted (both in ACR) in photoshop, but only to 6MP (6,3 to be precise) and then upsized to the same dimension as the Fuji with bicubic interpolation.

Do you see the same as I see? I have tried it with different photos, result is always the same: The Canon is even sharper and clearer when rezzed o from 6 to 12 whereas it is always said that the Fuji is more like 8 or 9MP. I could not reproduce this... Dont forget the Fuji had a slight field of view advantage...

Now case 2: Same lens type (50mm prime) different distance and therefore perspective, it is very hard to get the same crop without measuring the distance exactly, specially because both viewfinders are not 100%. In almost all cases I found aout later that the Fuji had again an advantage because I badly estimated the crop.

First overview - it was on the cemetery:

Crop 1:

Crop 2:

Crop 3 (difference is particulary clear, certain details are not really rendered by one cam):

This time no interpolation games, just both RAW files converted in ACR (so no difference through converter technology).

And a last one, with foliage and a tree in blossom, only the crop, again 50mm lens on both cameras, different distance and therefore perspective.

It is interesting also to see how much perspective changes by using the different lens on FF and crop.

I might add that ALL shots were made from a tripod, with ISO 100, some ISO 200, I did not show the ones made in ISO 400 as noise was not the subject of this test, I intend to make another comparision on color rendition, DR and noise (again But only when I have some time.

For now, have fun,


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