Canon: S4 IS Recommendations / Wishlist

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Canon: S4 IS Recommendations / Wishlist

Keep in mind, I've ordered an S3. I'm not starting this thread to bash the S3. I just figured, hey, on the off chance that Canon (or another decent camera maker) happens upon a thread about what photographers really want, even if they only implement half of the ideas, or even a couple, it would be better than nothing. So, why not?

Feel free to add your own ideas, or expand upon others'. Include the first 3 letters of your alias, and a number if you have a new idea, if you wish to add to someone’s idea, reference it in your post. So, to elaborate on my first idea, you'd start off with:
"YAA1) but also include yadda yadda ya"

I'm not saying these ideas are new, haven't already been implemented, etc. I'm just saying they would help turn a great camera into a superb camera, especially if implemented on the S4.

Please don't turn this into a debate on whether such features would be implemented.

Please add emphasis on any feature you agree with, by referencing the idea number and saying you agree.

Please don't get overly-unrealistic, and ask for 24X optical zoom, or 1080P videos, etc.

Basically, this would be a free "focus group" for Canon to look at. If the thread gets a big response, I'll probably email Canon a link to it. Feel free to do so yourself, the more Canon hears about it, the more they might actually pay some attention to it.

Here goes:

YAA1) Dial below shutter: Have this be multipurpose. Include a button that toggles what the dial alters. Have a menu function similar to the display checkbox options of the S3 that allows the user to decide what the dial gets toggled through. Have one of these options be manual focus, so that the MF can actually be adjusted similarly to using a focus ring (rotary instead of push button), but without the cost and complexity that would add to the lens barrel.

YAA2) Make a slight indent, or have a curved, contoured bulge just left of the directional pad on the S3. This will allow for an easier one handed grip, without needing to use as much pressure with the thumb.

YAA3) A metal tripod mount. Do not give us another plastic one. IS is NOT an excuse to put a plastic tripod mount on a camera with so much manual controls.

YAA4) A lens cap that uses notches, not basic friction, to stay over the lens. Include a switch non-moving lens barrel that detects such a lens cap, and will not extend if it's on. If you think people will wonder why there lens isn't popping out upon power-up, make the default sound for the lens cap warning say "Remove lens cap", make a secondary option for a unique beep. Also, prompt it on the viewfinder. Optimally, include a lens cap that locks into the bayonet mount. Have 3 plastic protrusions (so it doesn't matter how the lens cap is oriented) that will hit a switch to let the camera know not to extend the lens. Also, disable the lens from trying to force its way out. If it faces resistance, have it go back in, or stay put, and give an error message.

YAA5) Put a proprietary sized lens thread on the lens barrel, so that you can 1) make money by selling the proprietary UV filter, and 2) ensure that some not-so-bright person doesn't try to mount a telephoto converter on the end of the lens, without the barrel mount adaptor. See? Money for you, and elimination of the potential warranty abuse by ignorance.

YAA6) Make a much taller flash extension. We are manually_lifting_it_anyway, why not drastically reduce redeye at no more cost to you than some plastic, and a stronger spring?

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