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D50 Advise


I am a D50 user since past 3-4 months. Have 2 Nikkors 50mm/1.8 and

18-200. Shoot mostly home, vacation, the usual amatuer stuff. Shoot 100% RAW. Process in NCapture. Also have Photoshop elements 3. Most of my processing is done in NC. I have followed this forum for quiet a while, and learnt a lot. I understand a lot of you are professionals, yet I envy your work.

Given that, and my level of expertise (amatuer), I am not having good results yet. Most of my pictures are not that sharp, and I try to sharpen them using Unsharp mask, Advanced RAW etc. I also end up with lot of noise, even though I try to adjust ISO accordingly. They look awful when I print it.

As frustrating as it seems, I am hopeful and try to learn from what I have got. Here is my question/request -

1) Some general tips

2) Links to appropriately program D50 because I believe I may not be using the right settings

3) Should I just use Large JPEG, as I feel that I am wasting time processing RAW, and still getting poor results. If so, what settings are appropriate for my kind of work environments.

4) Links that explain what in the world is 'curves', how to work with LCH editor, etc.

Sorry, I dont have sample pictures, as most of my pictures are of family.


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