Use of UV filters

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i dunno what's wrong with your browser but it seems to have lost the last line of my post which was:

Obviously there are other opionions out there so my advice, if you do decide to fit filters, is only get the very best. They really are better.

For the record, I've found I'm better off without UV filters but I'm sure if I was sticking my lens in the rooster tail of some crosser or up a horse's provervial I might think differently. If your filters are getting etched and have to be replaced on a regular basis then you're obviously in a harsh environment that warrants their use so use them.

In all the years I've been using a camera I've never scratched a lens or a filter that's been fitted to a lens apart from the one that fell off a bar stool. In that case I was told the filter caused more damage than would have been done without it but I don't claim that is typical. My situation is different to yours and I have decided accordingly. I have no problem with you taking a different view.

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