Micron to Unveil 8-Megapixel Image Chip

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Re: CMOS is winning over CCD now?

dylanbarnhart wrote:

The article briefly mentioned that micron has found a way to make
CMOS better than CCD. I wonder what kind of new technology that
is. Even though Canon has a superior CMOS technology, it only
works for larger sensors like those in DSLR cameras. Canon
themselves use CCD for point & shoot.

Also, the frame rate, like 10fps at 8MP or 30fps at 2MP isn't a
feature of the sensor. It's the processor and the memory that
determines the max frame rate. It doesn't make sense to me at
swithing to CMOS raises up the frame rate.

Actually CMOS has been outperforming CCDs for a while now. This is why Sony is switching over to CMOS (they are building a $1B plant for CMOS image sensors) and why you now see CMOS in almost all high end Sony products.

It is also very difficult to clock CCDs at much more than 50 MHz per channel (2 channels per chip, usually). This limits CCD output rate to about 100Mpixels/sec. In practice, 30 MHz is about the limit for CCDs.

CMOS image sensors typically get clocked out at about the same rate per bit, but having multiple taps is easy with on chip ADC. CMOS sensors going up to 1Gpixel per second have been made for some time.

Just wanted to straighten you out.


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