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Re: need help

vin_ann wrote:

i 11 months 2500mAh energiser rechargeable have problems.

since after come back from UK, i seldom use my digicam.

seldom use the battery as well.

when i put my battery on my digicam, it dun have any battery in it.

i have to recharge it. after tht, only can use. after few days, the
battery is dead agains... each time i wanted to use battery, i have
to recharge it in advanced...

sigh... is it my battery have problems already?

What charger are you using? Sounds like one or more batteries not being charged to capacity. Or one or more batteries has gone bad. It happens, even to name brands, but more often to off brands. That's my issue with AA rechargeables. Unless you have some way to isolate and diagnose individual cell you can run into mysteries.

Quick way to check. Get a SINGLE cell 1.5v penlight and check each cell for remaining capacity after a set gives up. A good cell will light the penlight for hours, a bad cell only minutes.

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