Use of UV filters

Started May 19, 2006 | Discussions thread
Richard Crowe Veteran Member • Posts: 3,318

I have never seen a test between images shot with a quality UV filter over a quality lens and shots with the lens alone.

I think that this might give credence to one position or another.

I am sure that there is "some" degrading of the image when using "any" filter but, is the degredation noticeable in daily use?

I am comfortable in using my quality UV filters on some of my lenses. I usually use them on lenses that have a large area of glass exposed without lenshoods that will provide a modicum of protection.

Retired Navy Master Chief Photographer's Mate - 30 years service. Combat Cameraman, Motion Picture Director and Naval Aircrewman. I have done considerable comercial photography including advertising, weddings and portraiture.

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