Micron to Unveil 8-Megapixel Image Chip

Started May 18, 2006 | Discussions thread
Paul H Contributing Member • Posts: 583
Re: Micron to Unveil 8-Megapixel Image Chip

Jimmy Chen wrote:

Here is a link:

"We're saying it can go in a point-and-shoot camera selling in the
$200 to $300 range"

10 fps at 8mp, 30 fps at 2mp

I suppose it's news, technically speaking, but it's not anything to get excited about. At best it will mean more low-end to mid-priced cameras sold in bubble-packs at Walmart.

With the surfeit of P&S cameras in the market, I'm surprised Micron would waste its time producing such a pointless "me, too" chip. I don't think current and potential Micron investors are going to be impressed, either.

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