707 lens sharper than D-7?

Started Nov 29, 2001 | Discussions thread
Pete Regular Member • Posts: 225
Re: D7 lens wiggle

Tigadee wrote:

Imagine what it'd be like after some wear!!

I do worry about that. The feeling was strange but almost familiar. There is a word used to describe a material that consists of a lot of parallel fibers oriented perpendicular to a surface. It may be flocking - maybe not. Its the kind of stuff that was used in some cameras years ago to do a better job of blocking light reflection then just flat black paint. What I sensed in my finger tips when I moved the end of the tube from side to side was that part of the end of the tube I couldn't see was riding in a cylindrical bearing made up of this flocking stuff. Again my first reaction is that I don't like the feel - it feels low quality. But without a better idea of what it is they did here, I don't know what the long term wear behavior will be or if the movement will significantly effect the image quality.


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