A Lady Bug is having a meal.....close-ups

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Info on 500D, more samples


Great series of pictures. I like how there's less of the fly visible with each frame.

For some reason I haven't spent much time shooting ladybugs. I'll have to get out to the garden and try my hand at them.

For those of you that asked about it, here is a link to some info on the Canon 500D closeup attachment.


And here's a link where you can order it on Amazon (along with a slightly better picture)


This closeup lens works really, really well with the 70-200VR. If you have a 70-200VR (or probably an 80-200, for that matter) and are interested in closeups, this lens is worth the money. It's not cheap, but it IS cheaper than a dedicated macro lens.

I have a small gallery of images I shot with the 70-200VR + 500D attachment, at:


My favorite image taken with this combo is this one:

I find the level of detail, sharpness, contrast, and colors in this image amazing when you consider that it was shot with a big, complex zoom that isn't intended for closeups.

The working distance of the combo is helpful in shooting skittish insects like dragonflies. I could never have gotten close enough to take the shot below with my Tamron 90 mm 1:1 macro:

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