Where will you buy your H5?

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Re: Where will you buy your H5?

Most of the major e-tailers seem to be running around $450 at
the moment. I know I'll get flack from the real photographers
on the board, but I view digital cameras as a technology/electronics
purchase. Sony sends the same quality cameras in the same
packaging with the same warranty to Amazon, Dell, J&R, Best Buy,
Comp USA, Abes of Maine, B&H Photo, Ritz Camera, Walmart,
Circuit City, etc., etc... Customer service is a lost art these days and
the local boutique photo shop is at the mercy of Sony too -- Walmart
will take anything back as quickly and efficiently as they sold it.

I'll do my research here and on the other 2-3 reputable review/forum
sites and then check out the H5, H2 and S3-IS perhaps at the nearest
big-box retail or mall camera store. I'll consider what I've read together
with how they "feel" then buy from one of the above with the lowest
price. As long as it's a reputable seller with a reasonable return policy
and shipping is comparable. Perhaps if I'm impatioent, I'll request a price
match from someone nearby and see if they want my $$$ then and
there. But I'll check pricegrabber, froogle, techbargains, slickdeals
and the Sunday papers and be sure I know how little I should pay.

Please photographers, be kind in your replies -- I have the deepest
respect for your craft and the artistry of your work. In capable
hands, these little boxes of metal, plastic, glass, transistors, diodes,
crystals and microprocessors can produce breathtaking works of art.
Your understanding of light, composition, mood and all that defines
"photography" is without question why I read and respect what
is said in forums like this, but... In my humble opinion, the little
box, amazing as it may be, is the same little box no matter where
you buy it. When it's my hard-earned hobby $$$, price rules and
the big-box stores and online merchants usually win my business.
Now, if you want to discuss where I take my venerable Minolta
SRT-102 for cleaning and TLC, I'd love to tell you all about a superb
mom-and-pop photography shop downtown -- noone else will ever
touch her...

OK, let me have it...

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