200mm f/2.8L - How useful is it?

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Re: 200mm f/2.8L - How useful is it?

bullet1 wrote:

The Canon 200 f/2.8L seems to be a real bargain and a forgotten L
prime. The 135 f/2L seems to get far more attention. I searched
here and PBase and did not find many entries regarding 200mm f/2.8
(I did find some excellent images of 200 f/2.8 by Caveman Lee).

More people own one of 70-200 zooms, myself included.

I have the 70-200L f4.

I use my
70-200 IS a lot but it is heavy to carry around.

One reason why I keep putting off buying this lens and a major reason why I chose the 200 2.8L. I see the usefulness of the 70-200 2.8L IS but that weight would have me leaving it at home and taking the 200 2.8L instead.

I am thinking
about getting it for traveling and daytime outdoor use to
complement my 70-200 IS. Is the 200 f/2.8 will be totally
redundant to the 70-200 IS other than its weight?

Weight and size are the main reasons for grabbing the prime over the zoom for some shoots. The 200 2.8L works well with a TC 1.4x (well, so does the zoom). It works well with the TC 2x as well.

Image taken with 30D and 200 2.8L (used Canon II TC 1.4x).

What do you use your 200mm for, portraits, sports, travel or macro?

Birds is main use. But I like this lens for catching action shots including flight of birds. Like using it for low-light shots too. Have used it for macro with Kenko tubes.

Image taken with 300D and 200 2.8L and a few Kenko tubes. (Excuse the creative addition).

Please share your 200 f/2.8L pictures and usages.

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