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Re: Snow Shooting

Re> When shooting in snow, to what + E Comp should I set my camera?

You don't if you are wise.

Instead, you set your camera on manual exposure, and you take a closeup meter reading of a mid tone, and set your camera to this exposure setting.

For instance, there's a shot in this tread with a green sliding tyube. You could take a closeup meter reading of the kids and the tube, and set your camera to this exposure.

Now, regardless of howmuch of your frame is fileld by snow, and how much by kid and tube, your exposure will be the same. If you shoot three shots of the kid sliding down the hill, thekid and the tube will be teh same exposure in all three shots.

If, instead, you use autoexposure with some compensation setting, the exposure will vary depending on how much snow is in the shot. And the final shot, where the kid and the tube and the kid's smile fills the frame, will be overexposed.


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