Screw 30D, get a 5D instead...

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Re: The reason why...

bberg wrote:

The reason why the web size shots from the 5D look better
(especially at higher ISO's) is because you are downsizing from a
significantly larger image. When you downsize a 12MP image, the
noise is compressed (reduced) more than it is with an 8MP image.
Have a look on Pbase or anywhere else and you will see this
demonstrated time and time again.

OK, here is an example: a VGA sized photo from a 20D, the original had been cropped significantly, so it's basically resized from 5 megapixels or so:

and a crop from the original:

The web sized photo seems quite OK, except for the bleak colors, while the original is pretty noisy. I would still say that with a web photo like that or slightly larger, if properly resampled and the original is not very noisy, there will be hardly any visible difference from a 5D.

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