30D does Charleston, SC...

Started May 15, 2006 | Discussions thread
Greg Henry Veteran Member • Posts: 3,841
Charleston - great city

I've been to Charleston a few times, and it's a really nice city as far as having lots of photo opportunities, go. You just kind of have to hit it during the off season as during peak tourist times it's VERY crowded. For those who have the extra time (as in a couple of extra days), you can drive about an hour and a half or so south and also see Savannah, Georgia. I prefer Charleston however, but Savannah has it's own atmosphere (different - more like a mini old New Orleans).

The historic district in Charleston is especially nice, and so clean you're hard pressed to find a bubble gum wrapper on the street. Kind of like Disney for adults. Cross the river and in a bay is a restaurant called "California Dreamin'". It's a small chain actually, but this is their best location - across from a Hampton Inn and a boat dock and small inlet. Extremely nice views of the water from the dining room - eat the Salmon Nachos... wow.

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