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Re: Aid for setting tilt angle


You probably already have run accross this table, I post it from time to time as I found it very helpful. It was calculated by Andy jsjones who has both LF and Canon TSE.

It is calculated via Scheimpflug. It lists the amount of tilt as a function of how far your lens center is off of the desired plane of focus (normally ground plane for landscape photographers). The thing to note is that for a 24mm TSE lens at normal tripod height (60 in) the amount of tilt is only one dgree while for the 90mm lens it is 3.5 degrees. At 2 feet from the focal plane the 90mm TSE has run out of adjustment (> 8 degrees) while the 24mm TSE is only 2 degrees. I don't know what focal length you are renting, but this gives you a good place to start with tilt angle, which is otherwise hard to guess.
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