Irfan and Slide Shows

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Re: Irfan and Slide Shows

If you dont mind getting a little "techie" then try the following:

1) place a copy of the current version (3.61) of i_view.exe in the root folder of the cd
2) then create a text file in the same root folder and call it "mypics.txt"

3) list the relative path of the images you want included on the cd in this text file e.g.:



the example above assumes you place the images in a subfolder called images. If the images are located in the root folder then omit the "\images" and just use "\imagename.jpg" where imagename is the actual name of the image you want to include in the slide show.

4) use the command line parameter "i_view32.exe slideshow=mypics.txt" in the autorun.inf file e.g.:

open=i_view32.exe slideshow=mypics.txt

The above example assumes you have an icon graphic in the root folder, if you do not have a custom icon made then delete the icon=icon.ico entry. The autorun.inf file should also be in the root folder of the cd so that when the cd is loaded Irfanview will automatically start if the users computer is configured to autoplay cd's.

Happy burning

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