SLR amateur's 1st time night shots - please comment

Started May 11, 2006 | Discussions thread
Foz68 Forum Member • Posts: 62
Re: SLR amateur's 1st time night shots - please comment

Hi Kenneth,

I like the second one, but think the lamp in the foreground is too distracting. Seems like a big blob of white.

street lamps can make a night picture stunning, but only when they are a small part of the picture (like in front of your building).

I agree with most that the third is best, but I think it could be improved by having a longer exposure time. You can see where the car trails start and stop, it looks much better when they are continous throughout the scene. I'm guessing it was a 3 second exposure? maybe make it 15seconds?

Nice work though, keep at it!

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