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Re: Zeiss Ikon digital rangefinder = Cosina?

Joseph S. Wisniewski wrote:

Dana wrote:

Hey Lotus... I hope that they and Leica both come out with decent
digital rangefinders...

Well, the Dikon could be closer than you think. Wouldn't take much
for Zeiss to get Cosina to make a digital rangefinder to go with
those Cosina made Zeiss ZM Ikon lenses. They might need to find a
new Electronics partner, not sure Epson would go along, but the
electronics are relatively conservative...

Except for the fact that the owner of Cosina really doesn't like digital, and I would be pretty confident saying that a re-hashing or re-badging of the Epson RD-1 digital rangefinder would not be sufficient for Zeiss or what Zeiss would have in mind for a digital Zeiss Ikon.

SOON. I've been using a D200, and it's
really a bit large for my style of shooting.

Yup, but it has almost the electronics package that you want. Strip
out the prism, the AF motor, the shutter charging (winder) motor,
and cut back to a much smaller, gentler shutter (with a smaller
mechanism) and it would be a great camera.

Lucky Nikon or Canon doesn't smell blood in the water, their in
house electronics capability is so far ahead of anything Zeiss,
Leica, Cosina, etc. has access to that a Nikon digital S or Canon 1
digital rangefinder would tromp the rest of the pack.

Yes, but the technology is already plateau-ing so the differences in electronics/digital capability will only shrink over time. Further Zeiss ,could always bring in a partner like Phase One, Imacon or Leaf to help. I would think that they might take a different approach to image quality than Canon/Nikon, probably emphasizing dynamic range and fidelity over high-iso noise reduction.

Most of the DSLR have basically the electronics you need. But perhaps the easiest camera to turn into a digital rangefinder would be the Sony R1. My undestanding is that Canon started to develop a digital rangefinder and then stopped.

A digital Zeiss Ikon
and/or Leica M8 would be right up my alley. The D Rebel is the
size of camera I want, but all that plastic is so (yuck) and the
grip is awful...

Well, if Canon built a $5000 dRebel instead of a $500 dRebel, I'm
sure it would feel as nice as a digital Zeiss or Leica.

Well, they built a $3200 dRebel -- the 5D -- and it still feels very cheap and plastic-y (to me at least, to those used to Canon film SLR's, probably not).

Have you heard if the M8 will be shown at Photokina?

No one has even heard it will be called the M8, let alone when or
where it will be shown.

The word is that Leica will show the Digital M at Photokina (detials of which have started to emerge (10mp, 1.3x lens factor -- very similar to the DMR). It should prove to be an interesting show.

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