Problems with S3, considering a H2 or H5

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Problems with S3, considering a H2 or H5

I thought I was unlucky with the LCD screen not clicking into place on my first S3. Best Cameras were very good about it and sent out another one. Unfortunately the new one has a bigger problem. The image stabilisation does not work properly. When zoomed in the image jumps around in a sort of circular motion. The previous S3 had no such problems, nor did my old S1. In fact even when I lay the new camera down on a table the image still jumps around with no movement (or vibration). So I called Best cameras and they are arranging to have this one collected. For the moment I have decided to hold off getting another S3 since I am rather worried about the build quality given my experiences. I would like to say that Best Cameras have provided excellent service throughout this and I don't in any way hold them at fault. I suspect this is just bad luck or there really is an issue with the quality of this camera. I'm sure time will tell.

To be honest the S3 was ideal. The only real issue I had with it was the noise that appeared in shots even as low as 100 ISO (in the 'blacks' in especially low light conditions). I was prepared to live with this given the overall versatility.

However now after reading all the comments on here about the Sony H2 and H5 I am seriously considering going down this route.

There may also be other options? If so I'm not very clued up on them and so please can you guys tell me what else I should consider.

Here is my 'wish list':

Provides good quality images
6Mp upwards
x10 or x12 zoom
Good movie mode (30fps) that zooms, auto focuses/exposes
Image stabilisation
Low light capabilities
large LCD screen (at approx 2" +)
Swivel out LCD (tough one, so not an absolute requirement)
decent macro (preferably down to 10cm or below)
Price range £250 - 350 (US$450-650)
Fast start up time with reasonable all round speed
Reasonable manual controls (e.g. shutter/aperture priority)
USB 2 Connectivity (not essential)
No larger than the current S2/3

I don't really want, but might still consider, the following
Proprietary batteries
No built in flash

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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