Upgrade to 30D from 10D?

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Re: Upgrade to 30D from 10D?

Hmm, backlighting in the 30D. I wasn't aware of that. When I looked at it in the store it seemed dimmer than my 10D. And yes I turned the dispay all the way up. Another guy just posted the same thing about his 30D being impossible to see in the sunlight and the review of the camera on this site that it is dim.

I'm not sure about this backlighting thing. Where did you hear or read that? If it does have it, it doesn't seem to be helping much.

You are right that it won't mean that the camera will take better photo's and I realize that. But a nicer display is always welcomed. After all who would buy a digital camera with a B&W dislpay.

OLED has had issues with life expectancy but that was a while ago and I would hope that it has been worked out by now. LED had it's own issues while it was being developed. I remember a time when a blue LED was impossible to make.

Time will tell but Canon seems to be on the ball with their business plan. The just overtook Kodak as the US's number one seller of digital cameras which tells me they are doing something right and I'm sure they realize what it would mean to be the first successfull (take carefull note about successfull because I know Kodak was first) camera company to put these displays on their cameras.

Money talks and money makes things happen and I can't help but feel that there's alot of money to made with OLED and Canon seems to feel the same way. It wouldn't surprise me to see them on their next generation of camera's.

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