[12] D50 AIRSHOW with 75-300mm f/4.5-5.6

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Re: Inquiring minds want to know

Brooks P wrote:

Hi Kevin,

How about a little “How did he do that?”

You were shooting against a bright blue sky and often the planes
(birds too) come out as mere silhouettes under such conditions. How
did you get such perfect exposure on the planes?

location, my man, is everything
attended last year, was on the other side, shooting into sun.
this year, is hot with the sun on my back
planes were also closer to me this time around.

The EV setting
isn’t the same in all of the pictures, did you shoot in RAW and PP
the EV?

no raw, jpg, used highlights, dropped to -0.7

Inquiring minds want to know.

inquiring minds settled now eh?

In “Breakin’ Blue” there appears to be something below, and behind,
the plane, a bird?

aye capn.

In “Bright Whites” the dark sure looks like vignetting of some

woulda believed it if it was in the corners, yeah ... but!

thanks brooks, appreciated

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