Upgrade to 30D from 10D?

Started May 9, 2006 | Discussions thread
Van A Forum Member • Posts: 50
I added the 30D along with my 10D...

...and what a camera! Resolution-wise it is not a big deal between the two. However, the speed of operation between the 10D and the 30D is like night and day. The 10D is heavier than the 30D but the 30D is just as solid.

And with the discounts from Dell, the 30D kit I purchased was cheaper than the 10D body alone!

My first time out with the 30D was not in favorable conditions. It was drizzling and overcast. Needless to say, I had to shoot at ISO 400 and 800 but the images were practically noise free. I love that big LCD! I also like the fact that when I downloaded my images, there was only one folder of images instead of a series of folders. It makes my workflow faster and more streamlined. If the 30D already has the features you want, don't hesitate.

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