Upgrade to 30D from 10D?

Started May 9, 2006 | Discussions thread
John Martini Contributing Member • Posts: 507
Re: Upgrade to 30D from 10D?

I'm considering making the same upgrade from a 10D to the 30D and am interested in the responses you get. Here are my questions/concerns:

1. I shoot lots of architectural details and landscapes for historical reports so I need good resolution. Do the extra 2 megapixels make a noticable improvement in these types of photos?

2. I've handled the 30D at a camera store and it feels ... light. Is this a drawback, or just a psychological change?

3. Is the bigger LCD that big a help? I've read some posts complaining the larger screen really doesn't help much since its resolution isn't all that swift.


-John "Still Lusting After a 5D" in California

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