Screw 30D, get a 5D instead...

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Sean Rose
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Re: Vignetting?

bberg wrote:

Depends on the lens you are using. Most good L lenses don't have a
problem except for the 24-105 which seems to show some at 24mm.

That statement makes me think you actually haven't used the 5D that much. The cat picture having all that dead space and only using the lower half of the frame makes me wonder even more.

I am a super proponent of the 5D, I use one at work, but I have a 300D and a 30D. And while the difference in the full frame noise is easily noticable, I don't think it makes spending the additional $1300 a "no-brainer." And there is some vignetting with any glass, even L. The noise on the 5D is not better at 1600/3200 than the 30D at 100. It's not.

While there are plenty of reasons to go 5D, the ones you mentioned are not valid ones.

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