Screw 30D, get a 5D instead...

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Re: Wick

Wickblau wrote:


I just heard elsewhere 5d iso3200 is comparable to
XT iso800 - would you agree?
or lets put in that way: 30d iso1600 ~ 5d iso3200 ??

Yes, I would definite agree with that statement. Having had all 3 cameras, the 5D is by far the best which is obviously because of the larger pixel size

I'm just curious and of course not satisfied with my iso800 XT and
its AF.

The AF on the 30D/5D is way better than the XT, especially in low light. My findings have actually been that the 5D is even better than the 30D in low light conditions possibly because of the extra hidden AF points around the center focus point.

I don't really trust the 30d enough to upgrade.
Having tried 5d for 20min I really enjoyed it very much but
I'm afraid I'd lack the crop when using 100-400 IS.
1dM2 on the other side is quite a big hammer, maybe too heavy ..
Hows Iso IdM2 vs 5d?

If reach is a factor, the 5d probably isn't for you. For birding I would just stick with the XT for now until something better than the 20/30D comes out. To me the 5D is the perfect vacation camera which is why I got it for my upcoming trip to Alaska.

thanks for comments!


Good luck with your decision.

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