H5 - can I use my H1 and 707 mem sticks ? (nt)

Started May 5, 2006 | Discussions thread
Loren3 Regular Member • Posts: 254
I agree

I'm really sick of Sony's treatment of its Memory Stick storage. The constant changes have amounted to a 20% premium to maintain consistent image capacity every other camera I've owned. They've obsoleted cameras by not living up to MS promises (can't use MS Pro in F707, for example) and now they've obsoleted MS Pro by needlessly switching to Duo-only in the H5. Other manufacturers have moved away from storage formats for performance issues, but Sony would be hard-pressed to show that they couldn't fit a full-size MS slot in a camera the size of the H5- it stinks of planned obsolesence.

And besides that, a 2Gb MS Duo Pro is the same cost as a 4Gb 150X SD card.

Despite a few issues here and there, I've really liked my DSC-P1 and V1, but I'm leaning toward the S3 IS now.


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