More CCD/LCD problems

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Re: More CCD/LCD problems

This probably fall into the close to Unbelievable Dept -

The same problem has shown up on my 3 times previously repaired Canon A70.

The LCD panel will occassionally seem to flicker - and show signs of difficulties in REFRESHING - refreshing only the upper part of the LCD screen - eventually will flood to white and go blank - this happens both in replay and camera modes - just like when I reported this problem for this most recent repair back on April/16/2006.

The camera worked fine for the first 3 days after I received it and for about 200 shots -

BUT this problem started last night (May/5/2006) - without any incident that may seem to have caused it.

I obviously have already sent Canon e-mail with all the references to the previous repairs........

I was impressed with Canon's quick turnaround in their repair and the camera did work fine for 3 days -

BUT I am VERY, VERY disappointed right now.

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